DORNIER 228 for FSX & P3D

Under Construction!

Native FS model of the Dornier 228-202 STOL aircraft.
Custom 3D gauges and custom flight model.
UPDATE May 9 2015

*All development has been at holt for over a year now because Tor decided to zap my computer. Normaly not the biggest issue, but since I lost all income a year and a half ago, I am now definitly not only broke, but also homeless lol.

So I ask for forgivness for the lack of updates in various departments. That's just life I suppose.

However, one update you can enjoy right now, can be found HERE. That is, if you have the new payware Fokker 27 model and are looking for some norwegian colors.

As far as the other projects (sceneries and planes) are concerned, they will resume as soon as possible I hope, hope because that is all I've got to go by at the moment.
UPDATE June 20 2015

Development of the ant eater has resumed, picking up pieces where ever I might find them.
Read more about it here....
All files and images are Copyrighted by Polystack/P.Jorgensen